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  • Yemen - Strangled - 26 min (8 February 2016)

    In the besieged city of Taiz, at the heart of Yemen's civil war, only one emergency hospital remains. Under constant attack and destroyed by shelling, doctors struggle to save injured citizens caught in the crossfire.

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  • Sweden - Rosie's Journey - 29 min (15 March 2016)

    Sweden has long been a world leader in equality between the sexes. But while Swedish women enjoy more rights than most, nearly half will face physical or sexual violence, usually from a partner or family member.

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  • Australia - Shark Alarm - 44 min (8 February 2016)

    In the last twelve months, nine people have been attacked and one killed by sharks off the north coast of Ballina in New South Wales, Australia. Locals are becoming increasingly fearful and demand action.

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  • Syria - From Astronaut to Refugee - 07 min (2 March 2016)

    In 1987, Muhammed Faris became the first Syrian to go into space. Now living in exile in Turkey, he is Syria's most famous defector from the Assad regime. His new mission is to campaign for his fellow refugees.

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  • Pakistan - The Crescent And The Cross - 55 min (24 November 2010)

    Pakistan's blasphemy laws are a source of tension as they constitutionally discriminate against the country's 3 million Christians. This 2010 doc explores Pakistan's religious faultlines amid growing Islamic extremism.

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